black_bLean Six Sigma Black Belt training courses cover some of the same areas of knowledge as Green Belt courses; however they require a superior level of skill and understanding. Black Belts are Lean Six Sigma team leaders responsible for implementing process improvement projects within the business in order to increase customer satisfaction levels and business productivity.

A Black Belt is able to identify non-value-added elements and activities and is able to use specific tools when developing a process improvement project.

We offer a 7 day interactive training session in order to familiarize the participants with all the necessary tools for leading a cross functional process improvement project. By the end of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, participants will be able to apply the principles of Lean Six Sigma to any business situation, provide training, direction, facilitation, and analysis to all levels of the organization, and also advise on other opportunities for product and process improvement.
The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training is ideal for anyone willing to take a step forward in their career as Lean Six Sigma tools are applicable to every industry including: healthcare, finance, manufacturing or any other type of service or product based industry.

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Course length

7 days training + 4 hours international certification exam

Who can participate

Specialists which will lead business process improvement projects and coach/mentor and coordinate Yellow and Green Belt teams


The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions. In order to pass the exam you need to provide at least 70% correct answers.


Enroll for exam : certification@lssiap.co.uk