The LSSIAP Training and Certification program is your solution to a challenging world.
LSSIAP is the leading provider of training and certification on Lean Management, Lean Six Sigma and BPM, with delivery to customers and partners worldwide.

Our goal is to help organizations and individuals quickly respond to business problems, find new opportunities for development, and become more successful.

Our personalized training programs are can solve your business problems, no matter what industry you are in. Our team of experts have achieved breakthrough levels of performance in the following industries: Metals and Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas, Energy and Utilities, Retail and Consumer Products, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing, Banking and Financial Services, Government and Military, and Software Development.


Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Management

What is lean? What is Lean management? Lean management is more about addressing the right questions than providing the right answers. A lean organization…Learn More



Organizations today are requesting more and more specific knowledge and skills in the area of Business Process Management. In response to this, LSSIAP provides you with….

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